Chile and chilskaWobdźěłać

Hello. I just saw that you already changed Chile into redirect. This was a little bit rash. For merging discussions we have a page Wikipedija:Zjednoćenje for discuss about the proposes. And I proposed there, that Chile have to be the main article, because I found this form in my newest dictionary. The longer variant Chilska is in an internet page ( only. Thats why I just reverted the last change on Chile. Greetings --Tlustulimu 16:58, 11. awg 2008 (CEST)


That's good, Chile is easier than Chilska, you are free to observe.

I see many page in botany, but there is major mistake, may be there are as "template"? --Penarc 19:48, 11. awg 2008 (CEST)

Caspar David FriedrichWobdźěłać

Dobry wječor, Penarc. Da waren paar kleine Fehler. Außerdem war der Titel falsch geschrieben. Postrowy --Tlustulimu 20:24, 23. meje 2009 (CEST)

Friedrich Wilhelm SchultzWobdźěłać

Dobry wječor, Penarc. Danke für den Artikel Friedrich Wilhelm Schultz. Ich habe denn mal die Datumsangaben korrigiert, denn dort muß im Sorbischen wie auch in vielen anderen slawischen Sprachen der Genitiv des Monatsnamens stehen. Also so etwas wie z.B. 30. decembra 1968. Der Nominativ wäre denn december. Postrowy --Tlustulimu 19:07, 2. awg 2009 (CEST)

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