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::Well, that you correct the wrong interwiki links. The task on "infokašćik" is convenient only, if interwiki links are all right. Greetings --[[Wužiwar:Tlustulimu|Tlustulimu]] 18:07, 27. jun 2007 (CEST)
== Hi ==
Dear Dezidor, how are you? Could you help me with a huge favor that would really mean a lot to me? I am wondering if somebody would be so kind to help me translate a short-stub version of two or three sentences of [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partido_Independentista_Puertorrique%C3%B1o this article] for the Hornjoserbsce? Thank you very much for any advice or help you could offer :) -[[Wužiwar:Josefa Bauermeister|Josefa Bauermeister]] 08:34, 20. jan 2008 (CET)
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