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<center>[[Wobraz:Sunflower d1.png|40px|Informacija]] '''Welcome in the Upper Sorbian [[Wikipedija|Wikipedia]], {{#if: {{{wužiwar|}}}| [[Wužiwar:{{{wužiwar}}}{{!}}{{{wužiwar}}}]] | {{{1}}} }}!'''</center></div>
Well that you had registred in this wiki and wish to share your knowledge whith us!
There is your own discussion page, that can be used for interchanging of informations between users of the Wikipedia. You also can have an {{#ifeq: {{{SUBJECTSPACE|}}} | Wužiwar| [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|user page]]| {{#if: {{{wužiwar|}}}| [[wužiwar:{{{wužiwar}}}|user page]]| user page }} }}, where you can inform other users about you, your language knownledges, interesting, but also about articles, which you edit(ed).
If you have questions, you can read the following sites:
<!--*[[Pomoc:Kak stronu spisać]]
*[[Pomoc:Strony wobdźěłać]]-->
{{#if: {{{pomoc|}}}|
In the Wikipedia we also have a [[Wikipedija:Korčma|Village pump]] (here Korčma), where you can demand, propose or discuss basic things about the project.
Please dont forget sign your contributions on discussion and project pages (but never in articles!) whith the code <nowiki>--~~~~</nowiki>. You can useruse therefore the button [[Wobraz:Button sig.png|23px|Sign button]], which is on editing page above the editing window.
We wish you much fun and success in the Wikipedia!
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{{{tekst}}} - {{#if: {{{podpis|}}}| {{{podpis}}}| [[Wužiwar:Tlustulimu|Tlustulimu]] }} | }}
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