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Interwiki for "Časowe pasma w Europje"
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(Interwiki for "Časowe pasma w Europje")
== Interwiki for "Časowe pasma w Europje" ==
Hello SieBot. I saw, that you put one interwiki into the article [[Časowe pasma w Europje]]. But the topic from this article isnt <del>Central Europian Time</del>. The topic is <ins>Time Zones in Europe</ins>. Only the interwiki to eowp is correct, because I put it and translated the article from there. I would be glade, if you could correct this mistake. Greetings --[[Wužiwar:Tlustulimu|Tlustulimu]] 10:50, 22. awg 2007 (CEST)
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