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<BIG><CENTER>I am looking for editors who can help me to translate '''[[User:Russavia/Polandball]]''' into Upper Sorbian.<BR>Feel free to edit the article in my userspace.<BR>InTo returnencourage collaboration, I willam uploaduploading approximately 50 German aviation photos to Commons, which I hope will encourage further article development on Upper Sorbian Wikipedia.</BIG></center><BR><BR>
File:McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83), D-AGWB, Aero Lloyd.jpg|[[Aero Lloyd]] [[McDonnell Douglas MD-83]]
File:Airbus A320-214, D-ABDI, Air Berlin.jpg|[[Air Berlin]] [[Airbus A320]]
File:Airbus A320-214, D-ALTF, Air Berlin.jpg|[[Air Berlin]] [[Airbus A320]]
File:Air Berlin (LTU) Airbus A320 Breidenstein-1.jpg|[[Air Berlin]] ([[LTU International]]) [[Airbus A320]]
File:Air Berlin Airbus A321 Breidenstein-1.jpg|[[Air Berlin]] [[Airbus A321]]
File:Air Berlin Airbus A330-223 Breidenstein-1.jpg|[[Air Berlin]] [[Airbus A330|Airbus A330-200]]
File:Air Berlin Boeing 737-800 Geerlings-1.jpg|[[Air Berlin]] [[Boeing 737|Boeing 737-800]]
File:Lufthansa Boeing 737-200 Volpati-4.jpg|[[Lufthansa]] [[Boeing 737|Boeing 737-200]]
File:Fokker F-27-200, D-BAKU, WDL.jpg|[[WDL Aviation]] [[Fokker F-27]]


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